If you feed them…

Okay, I’ve accepted the ALIA challenge to hold a Library Lovers’ morning tea in the school library tomorrow. The staff who are on the social committee have really put themselves out, helping me to plan a Recess feast of heart-shaped Valentine edibles in the library for the teachers and other school workers.

I plan to have the library’s Internet computers set up, alternatively, to show: this blog; OASIS Web enquiry; the Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge book rap page; and the Library wiki pages. Newly-laminated articles about OASIS Web enquiry, a print out of its home page (and how to find the My applications hyperlink on the Teacher portal page); more from Side-by-Side newspaper and Scan professional journal (including one from me), have already been pinned to a display board by the front door.

Aha! Nothing like a well-fed, captive audience!

2 thoughts on “If you feed them…

  1. Thanks to Victor Davidson for the heads-up re ALIA’s suggestion to make today (ie. Valentine’s Day) a Library Lovers theme day.

    I just hosted the staff morning tea in the library. The teachers and clerical staff were very appreciative, and it was a great opportunity to promote OASIS Web enquiry, especially for new arrivals to our school for 2008. The teachers were impressed that My library would be accessible from home, especially useful for programming weekends when you’re trying decide if a particular title is one book, a big book or a set of readers – or currently out on loan.

    I was also able to mention that my library clerical officer has spent a few spare moments over the last week enthusiastically adding an icon for OASIS Web enquiry to the desktop of every computer in the school.

  2. Someone on one of the teacher-librarian listservs mentioned a great activity for their “Library Lovers” celebration. They organised “blind dates” for participating library patrons!

    Selected library books were sealed into brown paper packages, with the barcode numbers the only visible part of the book left exposed. These “lucky dip” loans were wanded out to borrowers, who took home their “blind date” novels to enjoy… in private.

    Love it! I’m saving that idea for a future celebratory event.

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