Links for aid agencies and other global connections

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During my long service leave, the following batches of Youtube clips about aid agencies and other global connections (for Stage 3’s HSIE investigations in the library) will be useful for my replacements:

Batch 1

Batch 2

Stage 3 students make global connections

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Stage 3 students investigate global connections - blog
Stage 3 students investigate global connections – blog

The above blog, the template of which was created in 2013, will be used to present the students’ research into Australia’s global connections – by being globally connected! The original Wordles are from the three classes who created the blog.

Stage 2 students investigate local government

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This term, Stage 2 students will be using the Penrith City Council website to learn our about local government.

Which of the images featured in the clip below are looked after by Penrith City’s Local Council?

Penrith NSW Australia – things to do – places to see

Services of local government include:

* Sustainability:

Sustainable Cities 2012 Overall Sustainable Council – Penrith City Council

* Recycling and waste management:

Penrith recycling

Library rules – Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students

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Next week in Library lessons, students from K-2 are investigating rules. Classroom rules, playground rules and home rules are being discussed in class (and in the library), giving us an opportunity to revisit the school library rules.

Our School Library rules have been traditional for many years, with only a few amendments over time. They are:

1. Clean hands.
2. Line up quietly outside.
3. Be quiet in the library.
4. Please walk in the library.
5. Take care of the books, furniture and all library equipment.

* Remember to bring a cloth library bag to borrow books.

Robbie Rules: My first day at school (2013).

More about national parks and feral animals

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Stage 2 students are continuing their explorations into Australia’s national parks.

Australian National Parks

Springbrook National Park and Lamington National Park, Rainforest Australia in HD

We have also been investigating the onging threat from feral animals in Australia, another threat to our national parks, farms and rural communities:

Australian Feral Camel Management Project 2013

Feral pig control

Another controversial issue is the suggestion that Australia’s marine parks, and “no take” fishing laws, be extended. Some excellent examples of persuasion here, from both sides of the debate.

60 Minutes – Marine parks in Australia

Wheels, wheels, wheels

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Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students are investigating transport. This week we are looking at the wheel, which researchers now believe may be an invention from about 5000 years ago. Some texts state the wheel was an invention of prehistoric peoples, but the evidence has not supported that assumption.

History of the wheel – claymation

Hidden histories: The wheel

Horrible histories – Pioneers of transportation

Monty the penguin

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Each year, UK department store, John Lewis, hires a team to create a special ad for the Christmas season. These ads are excellent examples of persuasive visual texts.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2014 – #MontyThePenguin

John Lewis: behind the scenes – #MontyThePenguin

John Lewis Christmas advert 2013 – The bear & the hare

John Lewis Christmas advert 2012 – The journey

John Lewis Christmas advert 2011 – The long wait

Same ad, wwith a different music track:

John Lewis Christmas advert 2011 [Alternate]

John Lewis Christmas advert 2010

Teachers’ notes for My father the great pirate

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Presenting My father the great pirate: teachers’ notes, by yours truly, published by Australian Standing Orders & Wilkins Farago, 2014. In support of the picture book by Davide Cali & Maurizio Quarello, and including this digital story on PhotoPeach as an example of a practical learning activity I brainstormed with Stage 2 and Stage 3 students a few months ago:

Nudge nudge, wink wink…

Reindeer’s Christmas surprise

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On Sunday, the choir attended the Celebration Concert at Sydney Town Hall.

Sydney Town Hall concert 2014

Sydney Town Hall concert 2014

Sydney Town Hall concert 2014

During the evening meal break, we visited the David Jones’ Christmas windows, this year based upon a new picture book, especially commissioned from Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrated by Sue deGennaro.

Christmas 2014
Click HERE to see a slideshow.

Christmas windows – Reindeer’s Christmas surprise

The man, the boy and the donkey revisited

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Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students have been investigating the Aesop fable, The man, the boy and the donkey. (Previously, we used the following Youtube links.)

The farmer, his son and his donkey – Aesop’s fables – animated/cartoon tales for kids

The man the boy and the donkey || short story for kids

From there, the students have begun looking at factual information about donkeys, especially as to how they were once used prolifically as a working animal, for transportation, carrying heavy loads. In many places of the world, donkeys have been replaced by technology: shopping trolleys, tractors, cars, trains, etc.

Braying donkey

Pets 101- Mini donkeys

Moose the donkey needs a job | Farm raised with P. Allen Smith

Sustainable transport in Ethiopia – The Donkey Sanctuary

Kids Short Stories | The Donkey’s Burden

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