This is the independent, personal web log of a trained teacher-librarian working in a primary (elementary) public school in New South Wales, Australia. Views expressed in Booked Inn are not necessarily those of the NSW Department of Education nor Endeavour College.

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One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. I guess I’ve never gone back to clarify my purpose for starting “Booked Inn”, although sharing my “heroic adventures in teacher librarianship” is the priority. The blog began life as a series of personal, professional reflections, always taking the “glass half full approach” to any problem.

    Over time, it’s almost become an online program for collaborative teaching and learning, and a repository of useful URLs and video clips that puts such online resources in the context of how I intend to use them, which I’ve found more rewarding that keeping a separate list of URLs on delicio.us or CURLS.

    I do work collaboratively with all the class teachers K-6, but the aspects of that collaboration are more often expanded upon in my professional journal articles.

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