Building a library!

In 2010, we watched our new library take shape, on the site of the old one.

Here is our acclaimed Photo Peach slideshow of the project.

Building a school library (2010)

Here are some Flickr slideshows for each of three different angles (not yet completed):

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 3

The old portable library was taken away in the Easter vacation of 2010:


Truck & mural



To see the old mural in closeup, please click HERE!

To see the new structure arise from the concrete slab, please click HERE!

4 thoughts on “Building a library!

  1. HI there, You have just given me a ray of hope!! after seeing you new library.

    I left school yesterday after seeing workmen dump all our library resources all over the not finished refurb (which is to be signed off this Friday!!!) As far as I can see, there is no allowance for a circulation desk and I can’t see any cabling for the desk that should be there !! Still, when I saw your labels on your desk and returns box my mind started to tick over. I have a question for you: what did you use to attach the wooden letters? Sue Mac

  2. Hi Sue,

    Selley’s “Liquid Nails”, in the big pump pack (loaded into my housemate’s metal trigger dispenser), works a treat, although it was a beast to get the letters off the old circulation desk. I’d glued them there to stay forever, and had no idea I’d ever have the chance to scrape them off and reglue them in a new locale. I’m sure “Liquid Nails” is also available in smaller tubes.

  3. Hello Ian. I hope you see this comment because I haven’t found your email and the click here button didn’t work for me. Anyway it’s Colette Trad from Punchbowl Public and guess what? I have just been made the librarian for 2017! And I’ve never done anything like this before. Hope to hear from you.

  4. Hi Colette! How exciting to score a TL position! Are you undertaking the training through Charles Sturt University? I would strongly recommend doing so, to get maximum benefit for the school. Also do the online training modules for OLIVER and sign up to the TL listserv and Yammer… I can email some contacts for you. I think the email button works from a home computer, but the DoE email system gets flummoxed by the link. (The email address appears in the bottom corner of your browser when you hover the mouse over the link.) Best wishes and good luck!

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