Re-orientation week

It’s been over a week since my last post, but I’ve probably been censoring myself a bit, since there hasn’t been too much new Web 2.0 or techie angles in the school library yet, it only being Week 2 of Term 1. I’ve had a few ideas of things to post, but were they worthy of even mentioning? I mean, do you really care that each class had a stimulating discussion about plastic vs recyclable library bags?

It’s been a week of promotion: especially as to how the teacher-librarian can be a direct influence on the teachers’ class programs – I’ve avoided the “service” word there, remembering numerous discussions with Ross J Todd over the years on his stance about teacher-librarians’ roles.

As each class has arrived for their first library lesson for the year, accompanied by their teachers, I’ve also used the opportunities, wherever possible, to: mention the upcoming Book Rap (Stage 1 and the intensive language class); demonstrate this blog (and our hopes for future school and statewide uses for students preparing blog and wiki entries); direct everyone’s attention to the presence of OASIS Web enquiry; talk about environmentally friendly library bags; title pages in workbooks – and whether we’ll even need workbooks when the interactive whiteboard arrives (eventually); and our/my aim for 100% participation in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge… The list goes on.

A fun week, but rather uneventful. And next week, borrowing starts. (I hope I can work out the new system for printing out borrower barcodes in Thin Client.)