Time to rhyme

Stage 1 has continued to add contributions to the Jack and Jill page of our Nursery rhyme wiki!

Four Stage 1 classes have now completed the lesson in which they suggested rhyming pairs for flashcards, made changes to the colour coded template (an online matrix I created by saving a Word document as HTML) on our wiki page to create their own nursery rhyme parody. It has been extremely effective to demonstrate how editing the screen on one computer and uploading the change is shown on all other monitors after refreshing the page (ie. pressing the “Enter” key).

What fun!

My three Flickr slideshows have proven to be useful, and I’ve been using these blog posts as bookmarks. I must set up a del.icio.us account some day!

But I learned something very exciting yesterday. When the mouse is dragged across the middle of the frame, a large “i” icon appears. I assumed this meant “information” but I never thought to test it. Children don’t seem to have that lack of impulse to click a button; thus I discovered that my photo titles and description, in white text, superimpose the photos at the click of a mouse! Simple, but effective. Technology makes adults feel dumb sometimes!

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Bridges – Stage Two
Antarctica – Stage Three