Latest persuasive presentations

A few more groups of Stage 3 students have completed their persuasive slideshows from the storyboards they created in Term 2: Guided Inquiry Endangered animals (Stage 3 science & technology).

by Suresa, Emma, Sarah & Lily

by Tahlia, Christina, Corey, Angela & Christian

by Chloe, Cecelia & Marcya

by Jayde G & Rhys

Enjoy! Share! And please feel free to comment.

As mentioned previously, just a few points to consider with Photo Peach: Use it as judiciously as you would a series of Youtube clips. Don’t permit students to do open browsing; Photo Peach is a Web 2.0 facility that is open to anyone, and the slideshows are “unrated”. Also, if you notice that new comments have been added to a slideshow you’ve made, please preview the slideshow again before using it with students so you can monitor (and moderate/remove) unwanted comments. (Or close off comments altogether.) Consider a subscription to Photo Peach, which enables you to add your own or Creative Commons music, a wider range of transitions, and the capacity to download slideshows to your hard drive, web space or a CD.