Blue whale song

Stage 1 and Early Stage 1 used the factual book, “Big blue whale” by Nicola Davies & Nick Maland, to investigate attributes of whales. They followed up by watching some Youtube clips about blue whales, and how marine researchers are collecting new information about them.

Sounds of the blue whale – California

Blue whale song

Latest persuasive presentations

A few more groups of Stage 3 students have completed their persuasive slideshows from the storyboards they created in Term 2: Guided Inquiry Endangered animals (Stage 3 science & technology).

by Suresa, Emma, Sarah & Lily

by Tahlia, Christina, Corey, Angela & Christian

by Chloe, Cecelia & Marcya

by Jayde G & Rhys

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As mentioned previously, just a few points to consider with Photo Peach: Use it as judiciously as you would a series of Youtube clips. Don’t permit students to do open browsing; Photo Peach is a Web 2.0 facility that is open to anyone, and the slideshows are “unrated”. Also, if you notice that new comments have been added to a slideshow you’ve made, please preview the slideshow again before using it with students so you can monitor (and moderate/remove) unwanted comments. (Or close off comments altogether.) Consider a subscription to Photo Peach, which enables you to add your own or Creative Commons music, a wider range of transitions, and the capacity to download slideshows to your hard drive, web space or a CD.