World's largest Humpty Dumpty
Above: This is supposedly “the world’s largest” Humpty Dumpty, as he sat on his wall in Mildura in January 1986. (Now located in Yackandandah. Thanks Darren Morgan!)

Giant egg

Every few years, our K-2 students get to experience “Chicks R Us“, in which a dozen eggs come to visit for a fortnight, and the eggs are incubated until they hatch.


One year, I played a practical joke on the staff and students by waiting till most of the chicks had emerged, then placing a mysterious, large egg in a small perspex aquarium, into the room with the chicks. A note read: “Please look after this egg, thank you.” It caused a huge amount of discussion and several students were convinced a dinosaur, an elephant or a fully-grown hen would emerge from the egg. One morning, I snuck in early, upturned the (already-cracked) egg, and placed a plastic, fire-breathing dragon into the empty shell… of the ostrich egg.

Again, a huge amount of discussion took place as each class discovered the mystery hatching. This year, enough of the students have moved on that I could replay my practical joke. To follow it up, next week, we’ll be using this new slideshow on the IWB. I’ve experimented with using the “quiz” facility of Photo Peach and produced a more interactive, online resource!

What’s in the egg?: an interactive quiz

A huge array of possibilities is now presenting itself, as our Stage 2 and Stage 3 begin to grapple with how they will be formalising their Guided Inquiry research into the human body and endangered animals.

A dragon hatches!

3 thoughts on “Eggsactly!

  1. As for Mildura’s giant Humpty Dumpty, several websites state: “Nope, sorry, Humpty was sold and now lives in Queensland…” but no one seems to know exactly where.

  2. No idea where Humpty Dumpty is. The site in Mildura closed down years ago! I never even got to see him!!

  3. I can tell you exactly where humpty resides. I purchased the Mini Moke named “Humpty Mobile’ from Humpty’s current owner. Humpty is located in Victoria the small town of Yackandandah. The Mini Moke is now in Bundaberg in Queensland, we were offered Humpty at the time (2013) but turned the offer down as we had no way of moving him and nowhere to put him 🙂

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