Herman and Rosie – onscreen

Gus Gordon’s CBCA-nominated picture book, Herman and Rosie, has been selected by Literacy & Numeracy Week’s Read for Australia event. View the Story Box Library presentation, read by Australian actor, Melissa Bergland.

An Auslan presentation is available HERE.

Bear and Chook on the road!

In preparation for next term’s “Bear and Chook” book rap, our library’s own Bear and Chook travelled by taxi to Caddies Creek Public School to meet author Lisa Shanahan and illustrator Emma Quay.

But they also were able to meet Caddies Creek’s infamous Mr Barden (a new resident to the nursing home next door to “Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge”, created during a book rap last year), and a sleuth (or sloth or pack) of friendly bears.

What a great day!

“When will that taxi ever arrive?”

Bear and Chook meet Mr Barden

There’s a Chook in there – and bears as well!

Wikis made simple

I’m often asked to explain what a wiki is, and I usually liken it to an electronic communal scrapbook.

I’ve seen the following snappy little video a few times now, but I’d forgotten all about it until I was re-investigating the preliminary “how to” pages over on PBworks, in preparation for my sessions on wikis at Saturday’s TESOL conference at the University of Technology Sydney (Broadway).

“Wikis in plain English”

When one displays a Common Craft video on a site, creator Lee LeFever asks for a link back to be provided to the Common Craft web site. Free versions of Common Craft’s videos are for “non-commercial” use. (This means that commercial organisations can’t display the videos without their express permission. For example, if you owned a podcasting company, you could not display “In plain English” series videos internally or externally, without permission.)