Celebrating Book Week 2014: Connect to Reading

Happy Book Week!

Congratulations to Shaun Tan for his gold-medal award-winning picture book, The rules of summer:

Illustrator Shaun Tan – ‘Rules of summer’ [HD] Books and Arts Daily, ABC RN

Our school library is being transformed by the arrival of many colourful and clever displays. The theme this year is Connect to Reading.

Week 33 Toy IIa
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Monloc restored!

In 2011, a group of Stage 3 students created a series of storyboards and a wonderful final science fiction digital story for the Shaun Tan Book Rap, inspired by such audio, visual (and audiovisual) delights as The lost thing. Poor Monloc the protector was lost in the Great PhotoPeach Data Crash of December 2012, but has now been restored to a new URL. His creators, the Lost Bottlecap Collectors, have all gone off to various high schools, but I know they revisit our school pages every now and then. We hope you (and they) will enjoy Monloc’s triumphant return from near-oblivion:

Monloc the protector by the Lost Bottlecap Collectors of Penrith PS

Inspired by Shaun Tan

by the Lost Bottlecap Collectors of Penrith PS

This digital story was conceived, storyboarded and photographed by Stage 3 students working with me in the library as part of the Shaun Tan book rap. Please feel free to comment. See the earlier post re using Photo Peach slideshows with students.

The four pages of storyboard are also uploaded for comparison with the final slideshow:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4.