Learning about Buddhism and Judaism

The following Youtube clips should provide some field knowledge for the Stage 2 students’ research into Buddhism:

BUDDHISM the history and belief explained (using first five mins only)

What is Buddhism?

Mahabodhi Temple at dusk 6
“Mahabodhi Temple at dusk 6” by Triratna Photos on Flickr Creative Commons

Facts about Judaism

Investigating world religions

Stage 2 students are studying world religions and festivals in their HSIE work. A useful website should be Religion for kids.

These Youtube video clips will be our starting points to start explore essential field knowledge:

Religion Global History Timeline 1 min 30 sec (Was: History timeline: world religions conquest map HD)

See also:
The world must watch this video to respect Vedic Hinduism (from “Proud Hindus of India”).
The link above does not allow embedding of the clip into a blog entry.

Krishna: history or myth 1
(First few minutes are a broad overview of Hinduism; then moves to Krishna sect.)

Hindu creation story

Explanation of the Hindu Gods

Hindu Gods Ganesh

Akshardham Temple, Delhi
“Akshardham Temple, Delhi” by travfotos on Flickr Creative Commons

5 Pillars of Islam – part 1 | Cartoon by Discover Islam UK

The 5 pillars of Islam animated in English (includes previous clip at the beginning)

Taj Mahal
“Taj Mahal” by ndj5 on Flickr Creative Commons