In support of the CBCA shortlised information book, “Lyrebird!: a true story” by Jackie Kerin & Peter Gouldthorpe:

Anglo Saxon lyre

The sound of 3000 year old lyre strings (2 of 5)

Ten cent coin – Australian – from 1966 to present today

Lyre bird mimicking voices (Healesville Sanctuary)

In 2010, author Jackie Kerin and Malcolm McKinnon created a video about Edith Wilkinson and James the lyrebird, who are now featured in “Lyrebird!: a true story”:

Edith’s lyrebird

Inventions for Stage 2

Our Stage 2 students are about to undertake a study of inventions in HSIE (Human Society & Its Environment), and I found several useful Youtube video clips to kick off the unit:

Biggest barbeque
An outtake from “Inventions from the shed”:

Original Australian Wheelman Bushpig
Named one of Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year”, it is a combination skateboard, snowboard, surfboard and wakeboard:

Bricky Australia
Bricklayer’s mortar template:

Wacky inventor – Japan
Dr Nakamatsu claims to be the world’s most prolific inventor:
Click here.
(Note: The video becomes inappropriate for Stage 2 towards the end, after the inventor is photographing his food, so stop it then.)

Da Vinci’s machines
A visit to the South Australian Museum to see replicas of Leonardo da Vinci’s medieval machines in action:
Click here.

Class 4W showed me this amazing musical invention, made from farming equipment:

Extraordinaire instrument de musique