Who will buy?: Buds

Flannel flowers by Sahel
Flannel flowers by Sahel, Stage 1, 2010

Once again exploring TaLe, in the quest to find engaging learning objects for the IWB to support Stage 2 in their HSIE unit, “Who will buy?”, I found this:

Buds (Code X01DA), in which the students help a farmer to win an award for business innovation. Players must start out by farming fresh flowers and selling them. The students are encouraged to think creatively to find new market opportunities and meet demand. They decide when to use equipment to make different products, such as compost and pressed flowers.

We will begin exploring this new learning object today. If it’s half as successful as Fish market: explore trading, it should be great!

The Governor

Governor Macquarie's chair
Mister Macquarie’s Chair. 😉

This evening I braved the rain to attend a teachers’ preview of Sydney’s Governor Lachlan Macquarie celebrations. Although I couldn’t get into the CBD early enough to see whatever is on display at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, I did get to the quick tour of NSW Parliament House (many thanks Graham Spindler!) and the formal stuff at the State Library. A NSW DET representative demonstrated the Centre for Learning Innovation’s “Macquarie 2010Notebook 10 materials for use with IWBs.

The displays look to be very stimulating and I liked how the State Library’s physical exhibit, “The Governor: Lachlan Macquarie 1810 to 1821″, is labelled with separate, colour-coded display cards for adults and school children. Well worth a visit, as are their online archives!

I had to smile on the way out: here’s the new motto of the State Library:

Check it out at State Library of NSW

Looks familiar?

"Check it out!" - Shoestring makeover

Has someone been drawing inspiration from my shoestring makeover project?