More on Australia’s global connections

Further to last week’s Youtube clips for the Stage 3 students studying Global connections:

World Food Day 2011 – United Nations

Welcome to Amnesty International

Pirates of the Pacific busted by Greenpeace Australia

World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature, Australia – Adopt a tiger

Sydney 2000 Olympics Games Venues: Olympic Coordination Authority (OCA) and Olympic Roads & Transport Authority (ORTA) – International Olympic Federation.

Global connections – developing field knowledge

The Stage 3 students are studying Global Connections in Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) this term. These Youtube video clips are discussion starters.

AusAID in Indonesia.

World Vision distributes family kits to survivors of the Sumatra Earthquake (2009).

Australian Red Cross response – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami recovery.

Emergency aid arrives as UNICEF and partners work to restore Libya’s water system.

UNICEF and IKEA aid China earthquake recovery.