A slideshow for the Garden City

Flowers collage, All Black Day, 2011
This artwork was created by our school’s Student Representative Council, who painted their hands to resemble flowers of New Zealand and Australia. The photographs were assembled into a collage. This was part of a fundraising venture for ALL BLACK DAY, Australian schools’ contribution to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal of 2011.

Our Photo Peach slideshow for Christchurch, New Zealand, is HERE!

All Black Day: Christchurch earthquake appeal, 2011

Among the viewer comments added to the slideshow was a haiku, written for us by Room 5, Our Lady of the Assumption School:
“Earthquakes come and go
But ANZACs never give up
May the flowers bloom.”

Kaiapoi Borough School sent our community a blessing: “Kia manawanui, Kia manakitia e hoa ma.”

A student at South New Brighton School wrote, in a poem:
“… Some buildings may fall,
but we are Cantabrians and we will stand tall.”

The students and staff at Papanui School, in Christchurch, said, “Kia kaha te menemene – Keep smiling.”

UPDATE: Only one day online and we are officially #1 – “Today’s most viewed” – of over 103,100 slideshows! Over 650 visitors. Truly amazing.

This Youtube video response to All Black Day comes from Russley School, New Zealand, near Christchurch’s airport:

“Nibble, nibble at my house!”

During the last two weeks, students in K-2 have been learning about the fairy tale of “Hansel & Gretel” in both their literacy and library sessions.

Gingerbread house

On Monday, one of the teachers brought in a beautiful gingerbread house, decorated with icing, jelly babies, jubes, musk sticks, licorice allsorts, jelly beans and Smarties! We took it down to the assembly hall on Monday afternoon and it only took about 150 students and 150 seconds for the whole house to be devoured! Thank you, Ms Stockton and Ms Stockton’s Mum for making the students and teachers this great house. It was delicious.

Gingerbread house and poster
I managed to have a picture taken with the house before it was eaten.

Gingerbread house - the remains
Even the crumbs were delicious!

On Friday, the students of 1S did some great paper collages about gingerbread houses!
Gingerbread house artworks

The students in 2FR have been creating a digital story in PowerPoint called “Handsome & Gentle”, a parody of “Hansel & Gretel”. Their story has two mean children, a good witch and a magical house made out of a giant magician’s hat! (The link is HERE.)

Frame of 'Hansel and Gretel' parody digital story