How the whale got a hole in his head – resources

As part of our literacy cycle, students in Stage 1 and Early Stage 1 investigate Aboriginal dreaming stories in Term Three.

To accompany this week’s dreaming story, “How the whale got a hole in his head”, here is a useful website that shows an old Aboriginal rock shelf engraving of a large sea creature at Tamarama in Sydney.

A closeup of a humpback whale spouting is here:

Humpback whale footage: extreme close up blowhole

Star fish walking, you can actually see his legs.

Zombie starfish – Nature’s weirdest events: series 4 episode 3 preview – BBC Two

In the version of the Dreaming story we use, Whale’s friend, Starfish, offers to help remove “mulas” from Whale’s skin. Here is a Youtube clip explaining about barnacles:

SeaTalk – Barnacles


The student book rappers of 1G created a digital slideshow on Photo Peach to accompany this Aboriginal Dreaming story:

How the whale got a hole in his head