In the news: Healthy drinking days recalled

Penrith City Star article

Penrith City Star article, part 2
Thanks to “Penrith City Star“.

Archeological dig
Our historic school milk bottles are now enshrined in a shadow box.

The inside text reads: Penrith Public School’s library stands on the site of a portable library building, and before that a previous portable building. In 2010, workmen excavating the foundations found these “school milk” bottles buried deep in the rubble. One is embossed “1/3 PINT PASTEURISED MILK”.

See the original blog entry of our archeological find HERE.

7 thoughts on “In the news: Healthy drinking days recalled

  1. Hi Ian,
    Congratulations on the front cover! Bit of a worry when our childhood memories become part of an archaelogical dig! Love the shadow box idea… preserved properly – librarian and achivist!
    Regards, Deb (yammer buddy 4 life!)

  2. Hi Ian,

    Fantastic outfits! I remember being a milk monitor – which was a very prestigious job! My Mum bought my brothers and I flavoured drinking straws so we could down what was usually very warm milk! Well done on achieving front page – a ‘feelgood’ piece to boot!

  3. I remember the little bottles. At one point we lived next to the school (my Dad was the teacher) and the spare bottles ended up in our fridge for us to consume. I trust the green ice bags had worked well.

    My first year teaching in the country the milk came in little plastic bags which we had to snip at the corner for the children to drink with a straw. (It was the end of glass bottles and in with the plastic!)I think that may have been the year the scheme ended.

  4. One of the reasons that I learnt the flute & was in the school band (which played at assembly every morning) was because we didn’t have to drink the milk as it would stuff up our playing!!!

  5. Fantastic work Ian. Front page of the paper. Happy, vibrant photo, and a positive article to go with it. Congratulations. Regards, Sue

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