Finding feathers for Phoebe

This year, ALIA’s annual National Simultaneous Storytime event is Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement. Phoebe is a small grey bird who gets herself decorated in colourful feathers, and develops a new song and new moves, in order to attempt to get noticed. We plan to do this as a whole school event, probably split across four groups.


I was thrilled to notice some black-painted wooden bird templates in a local “Sam’s Warehouse” bargain store (at $4.00 each), which I’ve since painted with grey enamel. I hope to have one decorated in feathers in time for the big event on 25th May at 11.00am.

Phoebe feathers

Yesterday, I found a great little mask, decorated with peacock-feathers and sequins, which should prove useful as part of Phoebe’s new look. Numerous bargain stores sell packets of assorted feathers for craft work – and then I found these cute little styrofoam birds, already decorated with sequins, gold tinsel and coloured feathers, at just $3.00 each:

Phoebe birds

6 thoughts on “Finding feathers for Phoebe

  1. Love it!!!
    A kindred soul who haunts the $2 shops and finds these fabulous things that can be zooshed up for your library.

  2. I’ve been exposing each class to “Feathers for Phoebe” this week, in preparation for the upcoming national Simultaneous Storytime.

    I put a lot into the readings, the students K-6 are loving it – and I’m convinced that the glamorous Zelda character is based on Maria Venuti. Or, at least, I think I channel Ms Venuti when I read Zelda’s part.

  3. I was thinking Jeannie Little with a hint of Zsa Zsa Gabor.
    Fantastic job again, Ian. Did you wear the mask?

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