Christmas in the library

When I scrounged around at home, I found many more picture book-related toys to take into school to add to this year’s Christmas tree.


You might spot the Grinch, Selby, Max, Arthur, Captain Underpants, Bear and Chook, the Frog Prince – and many others.

I am again indebted to the neighbours across the road, who did a moonlight flit not long after their Midwinter Christmas party one year, dumping their huge, second hand, artificial Christmas pine tree onto the footpath. Looks much better in our school library, although storing it between outings is tricky.

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the library

  1. Ian,

    Great potential for primary school. I am going to adapt your wonderful idea next year.., not sure which way I will go but I can see kids making decorations of maybe book characters they will meet when at home having fun on holidays, or characters in books they would like to receive for holidays or give to someone…

    I have started the Op shop rounds as my kids left with their toys!!? Maybe I should put out a request for parents when they clean out old toys after Christmas to think about sending them to the library.

    Cheers 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays

  2. Ah, Noddy. I had a great Noddy glove puppet when I was a little kid. The head and hat was rubbery with a real bell sewn to top of the hat and the body was plush material. Santa brought him! My younger brother received a matching Big Ears, but he was very jealous and teary of Noddy’s bell, so my grandfather ended up having to sew a bell to the top of Big Ears’ hat. There may have been no equity for Blyton’s golliwogs, but Big Ears achieved it at our house!

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