Time 4 New Zealand to lead the way again

Clocks x 4

Lots of New Zealand jokes these last few weeks. Not terribly politically correct.

While the four new “newsroom” clocks on the library’s freshly painted wall have been paying off as teaching tools in numerous lessons – the students are getting quite a buzz from discussing the four time zones represented, even just in passing – our “Auckland” clock has been falling behind, needing to be reset at least once each morning. Jiggling the battery was losing effect. The battery was checked: yes, fully charged. Still no improvement. Very annoying. Eventually, Auckland time kept stopping whenever its sweep hand reached the 6.

I had been celebrating the fact that I had bought the clocks for such a great price, but they had also also the last stock in the shop. Taking one clock back for a refund was not going to keep my “newsroom” functioning at peak capacity.

Eventually, I brought out the trusty star screwdriver from the staffroom toolbox. The moment the screws were loosened, the clock started ticking again. Somehow the sweep hand had begun to come into regular contact with the glass front. I removed the back of the clock, bent the end of the sweep hand just a tad… and now New Zealand is keeping perfect time again!

Where would teacher-librarians be without a screwdriver?

Phyl Williamson from Syba Signs is coming by on Wednesday morning to give me some quotes on library signage. I’m hoping for a “Time 4 Learning” sign under the clocks, four sets of vinyl lettering for some windows, some poster hangers, and a big external sign so that people won’t have to guess which building is the school library. My fingers are crossed.

3 thoughts on “Time 4 New Zealand to lead the way again

  1. I loved the 4 clocks idea so borrowed it (or did I take it?). I found the clocks for $6.50 each from a cheap import shop. I set the times to countries from where some of our students have arrived. I actually asked several students to research the times for me. I put a large world map under the clocks with tape from the clocks to the appropriate country. It has caused lots of interest amoung both staff and students. Thanks for the idea Ian.

  2. My pleasure. It was an idea from a high school in Kevin Hennah’s presentation of “before” and “after” slides.

    I bought an iPhone late last year and the “Time” application on it allows me to set up for up to four time zones (selected from hundreds offered) to appear on the one screen. The order on my iPhone matches what’s on our library wall.

    It was extremely efficient, on Monday morning, for working out which way to reset “New York”. The USA shifted an hour for daylight saving last weekend.

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