Harmony Day approaches

Over the last few years, our school has celebrated Harmony Day, and we usually try to come up with a K-6 activity to decorate the school assembly hall with a lasting thematic display. In the past we’ve worn orange clothing, decorated banners, made smiling Arrowroot biscuits with orange icing and various sweets, played multicultural outdoor games, made Harmony Hats, and performed songs.

For 2009, our school has decided to distribute a “paper doll” template for the students to fold, cut out and personalise. Even each staff member has received a strip of orange card in their pigeon holes. I was able to snatch a few minutes of time yesterday to decorate my entry:

I had a few spare minutes today, so here’s my entry:
Harmony Day paper dolls

3 thoughts on “Harmony Day approaches

  1. Thanks Judy!

    The teacher-librarian on the end (right) was unable to hold his book because his hand has to be free to grab someone else’s hand on Harmony Day.

    400 students, about 30 staff, multiplied by four characters each – that’s a lot of little, harmonious, orange people.

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