BER – the second tour!

Today, the whole staff was given a walk-through of our school’s almost-completed new BER double-classroom and new BER school library. These are some comparison photos with the ones from my sneak preview of the library a few weeks ago:

Library - external

Library - external 2

Library - main doorway

Library - main doorway 2

Library circulation

Library circulation 2

Library office

Library office and storeoom 2

Library - internal

Library - internal 2

Library exit

Library exit 2

Down the other end of the school, a matching building, comprising a modern double classroom, with wet areas, storerooms and a glassed-in, shared withdrawal teaching space, is almost complete! On the floor is stored some of the shelving and furnishings for the library!



Mmmm, back at the library… Mind that last step: it’s a doozy!:
Green door
As a colourblind man, I must trust my colleagues as to the colour of this door. But it’s hard to miss, whatever colour it is!

I can’t wait to get all the books and other resources out of storage. There was no time to cull books before packing (done by professional removalists, supervised by me), so I anticipate a massive and essential cull during the first few weeks of set-up.

10 thoughts on “BER – the second tour!

  1. Good day Ian… The new library looks great! I’m excited for you and the school, and have appreciated seeing the steps involved. When our library at St George Girls HS was built back in the 80s, we did a very 80s thing and had a time capsule put into the wall : ) It’s due to be opened in 5 years.

  2. Just be very careful when re-shelving your books that you leave plenty of spaces on the shelves – something my professional removalists forgot to do (on the one morning I wasn’t working with them) and it meant a HUGE reshuffle of books afterwards!!

  3. Ian,

    Looks great, you’ll have so much fun when you move in trying out different layouts. So did you have any say in colours (of course you’d need an advisor for that job)?

  4. You are ever so lucky. The BER “libraries” in Vic are not supplied with any storage, circulation desks, or work rooms. I will probably stay where I am (so will the library).

  5. Now I’m green!!!
    Good luck with set up, looks beaut..wondering how you are going to ‘customise’ it with your special touch.

  6. How exciting Ian! Your new library looks very similar in design to the Library @ CCPS! We’ll have to have a PMBW Committee Meeting there to celebrate!

  7. Hi Ian,
    I still have a ‘Mentor Day’ with you including the ‘Sharing Day’ at Caddies Creek. My new library is a mirror image of yours! Exactly the same, but reversed… I have now moved in and have been running library lessons this week. If you would like to come over to my school for a visit, I would love your input.

  8. Hi Ian
    The library is looking good. Our new library should be finished mid November. We have the same internal colours as you – looks good, lots of display areas. Can’t wait to move in!

  9. I hope that they remember some of the things our architects forgot– power strips for computers, cord ports at the circ desk, and a bin for under the book return. New libraries are exciting but a LOT of work!

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