Exciting new books – and their book trailers

Happy Book Week!

In the lion book trailer
The new picture book by James Foley!

Unforgotten book trailer
The new picture book by Tohby Riddle!

I also bought “Too many elephants in this house” by Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner. While there is no trailer, as yet, I still love Andrew’s Youtube clip promoting their previous picture book, “The terrible plop!”:

Zoo nostalgia

These old b/w photographs, taken during excursions to Taronga Park Zoo in 1968 and 1971, demonstrate how little visitors could manage to see between the bars of the old enclosures. The elephants’ view, through the window of the old concrete “temple”, is more recent. When the new elephant enclosure was unveiled in 2007, a static exhibit inside the “temple” showed their original environment, complete with a “saddle” for elephant rides.

Now I’m motivated to go back to the zoo soon and recapture as many pics, in colour, as possible. A few enclosures (and the floral clock) are still in the same locations but, thankfully, look very different today.

PS: I did it!