Book trailers and other digital stories

This presentation to the teacher-librarians of Granville District, followed by a practical workshop, looks at how teacher-librarians can work with students to create book trailers to enrich learning, maximising the engagement of students in literacy activities. Applications used to make trailers will be looked at and discussed, also how they can be used as a resource in a school library and in classrooms, and how they can help promote reading.

The kookaburra who stole the moon: retold by Class 1/2Sa

* BRAINSTORMING (using Circle Time) – consider audience, theme, length, 30 images
* STORYBOARDING (using a book rap template) – small groups
* WILL YOU USE PHOTOS (“Creative Commons”), drawings, cutouts, puppets, toys, claymation, or actors in dress-up box clothing?
* UPLOADING – to Photo Peach or other Web 2.0 facility – Flickr slideshow, PowerPoint/Keynote, podcast/Youtube, IWB Notebook software?
* EDITING, and adjusting timing to the selected music
* SHARING with the wider community – monitor incoming public comments regularly, or close them off.

* RAP RESOURCES (NSW DEC) for making digital stories and book trailers

* Bear and Chook POWERPOINTS

* FLICKR slideshow repositories – and with CAPTIONS added or EXPLORE Creative Commons

* Commercial BOOK TRAILERS on Youtube, eg:

In the lion book trailerJames Foley

* This year’s CBCA Book Week theme was: “Read across the universe”. A starting point?

* The kookaburra who stole the moon on FLICKR, and also on PHOTO PEACH.


Further reading (articles by Ian McLean):

* ‘iInquire… iLearn… iCreate… iShare: Stage 1 students create digital stories’ in Scan 30(2) May 2011, pp 4-5.
Stage 1 students narrate how they inquire, learn, create and share with ICT and Web 2.0 to produce online Photo Peach slideshows at Penrith Public School. View the article online HERE. The Photo Peach slideshow featured in this article is recently restored, and now located at

* ‘Have blog, will storyboard!’ in info@aslansw Issue #2, May 2010, pp 5-8.
Stage 2 students at Penrith Public School created storyboards and PowerPoint digital stories as resources to support Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students working on the Bear and Chook books rap, which ran during the subsequent term.

* ‘Circle time: maximising opportunities for talking and listening at Penrith Public School’ in Scan 26(4) November 2007, pp 4-7.
Circle Time is a structured framework for social and emotional learning which promotes a positive class ethos. Moving from class teacher back into the school library, I incorporated Circle Time and information skills into a range of collaborative literacy and ICT activities, including book raps.