Zeeko and the waving golden frogs

At today’s Musica Viva performance, the members of the musical group Zeeko sang a song that featured a species of endangered toad, the Golden Frog, the males of which have a call so soft (and obscured by the noise of running water in its homeland), that it has delevoped a unique hand wave when approaching other males:

Attenborough: Golden Frog: fighting & mating – Life in cold blood – BBC wildlife

Mara musings

The fabulous Musica Viva travelling musical troupe, “Mara”,
visited our school today, and were very well received.

My school has been playing music selections from Mara’s CD – as the students’ lining up music – for the past month. Today the musicians came for their concert and some of the kids thought it was an amazing coincidence that, with all the songs in the world that Mara could have played, the group somehow knew how to play our “lining up music”!