Robbie Rules: My first day at school

This digital story is especially for author Meredith Costain, with many thanks for sending Penrith Public School the signed copy of her wonderful new picture book, My first day at school (Windy Hollow Books, 2013). The book’s illustrations are by Michelle Macintosh.

Stage 3 students have recently been working as “buddies” for Kindergarten Orientation, and they enjoyed having Meredith’s book read to them in a library session, and then reminiscing, brainstorming, storyboarding, photographing, and suggesting possible text for a joint construction to create a PhotoPeach presentation. We anticipate our incoming Kindergarten students, future buddies and staff and students at other schools to get some useful tips from it.

Special thanks to Ms Stockton, who allowed Robbie Rules – our oldest “student” at Penrith PS, who’s never graduated from Stage 1 – to visit the library for the last few weeks of Term 4, 2013.

Robbie Rules: My first day at school

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  1. An article was written for Scan, the NSW DEC professional journal:

    ‘Part 3. Robbie Rules’ first day’, in the article ‘Kindergarten: first day’ with Meredith Costain & Janet De Witt, in Scan 33(1) 2014, pp 21-25.
    Stage 3 students at Penrith Public School were buddies to incoming Early Stage 1 students, and created an online digital story on PhotoPeach, taking their inspiration from a new picture book by Meredith Costain & Michelle Mackintosh. Subscribers can view the article online HERE!

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