Writing tips from Deb Abela

This week is the last week of formal lessons in the school library. The Stage 2 and Stage 3 students are investigating the websites of Judith Ridge (WestWords, particularly the “Book Club” section), and the writing tips of popular author, Deborah Abela.

At a recent teacher-librarians’ professional learning day, Deb introduced us to the highly motivating Story Starter Scrambler machine, on the Scholastic website.

Deb’s very persuasive Youtube book trailers are at:


The remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen

Ghost Club

To finish off we will read Chapter 1 of Deb’s novel, Max Remy, super spy.

2 thoughts on “Writing tips from Deb Abela

  1. Hi Ian,

    It was lovely to see you at the conference. Enjoy the last few weeks of school and the holidays!

  2. Thanks Deb,

    Chapter One of “Max Remy” had them champing at the bit for more. I hope you notice a spike in sales over Christmas. 😉

    The students were also amazed that your flooding of Grimsdon happened recently for real to New York City!

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