What’s cookin’?

What's cooking?

Any idea what’s bubbling away on my cooktop? I’m dyeing two customised puppets!

Giraffe/dog composite & spare tiger puppets
And this becomes…

Bat & Panther
… this!

Yes, they are a pair of customized puppets, now dried in the washing machine spin-drier. The completed bat has wings cut from brown felt and the new eyes are flat beads in a pink plastic, Supaglued over the original black giraffe eyes. 50 cents for a packet containing lots (of future replacement eyes?) I love bargain shops!

The panther’s eyes are some teardrop-shaped yellow plastic “jewels”, originally bought for a different project. The only reason for turning a tiger into a panther was to give the bat a dunking buddy, and use up the leftover dye.

Cat & Frog
These two new additions (above) look rather sedate after the cooking pot episode!

2 thoughts on “What’s cookin’?

  1. I’ve had numerous requests for info about sources of inexpensive puppets. They seem to come in batches. All or nothing, then only dregs before the next influx.

    I’m in Sydney. “The Reject Shop” has about eight different animal styles for $3 each at the moment; I’m sure they were about $6 a year ago. Hard to resist! The suburban “Hot Dollar” stores (I think some of these have recently changed name?) and several Aussie souvenir shops (and Paddy’s Markets) in the city have a different range of about ten animals for $6 each (I would have expected a huge mark-up at the souvenir stores). I’ve found other animal puppets at $8 in various small supermarkets.

    Other Aussie souvenir shops around town, run by an Asian chain, have a different range of Australian animal puppets for $15 each (and they have a plastic-billed platypus that looks very realistic). The toy shop next to “Paws a While”, in Queen Victoria Building, Sydney CBD, has some great $30+ puppets if you’re flush, but a rather cool $15 echidna is amongst the batch. (Their platypus is felt-billed and not as realistic as the one I found at Darling Harbour.)

    On Sunday, Taronga Park Zoo had some great $17 animal puppets as well as the more realistic $30+ range. Even better with the 15% discount as a Zoofriends card holder.

    Last week I ordered three animal characters I didn’t have (only $7 and $11 each, plus postage) online from Sunshine Markets, Queensland. The package turned up only two days after ordering. I just noticed that they have some of the puppets sold at Taronga for $17 for only $7 plus postage.

    Happy hunting!

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