Sneak preview: new from Emma Quay!

What a thrill to receive an email from writer/illustrator Emma Quay today, with a link to her just-off-the-hard-drive video book trailer for her new Early Childhood picture book, “Nudie rudie”! The book is due in November.

It’s wonderful, and I reckon it might have you thinking back to days of bath times past at your house?

4 thoughts on “Sneak preview: new from Emma Quay!

  1. Love it! She manages to capture all the good and innocent moments of what is a fun, but chaotic part of the day for parents of young children.Bravo.

  2. Great fun! The younger ones will love it. Keep up the great sharing, it is very inspiring.

  3. Hi Ian, thanks for sharing this with us. Looks like a fun book and one to put in the collection.

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