Puppets for persuasion?


The Stage 3 students are deep into a Guided Inquiry unit on endangered animals. At this point, we haven’t zeroed in on exactly how the students will present their new information, but we are keen to make use of the elements of persuasion, and effective use of Web 2.0 online tools. Over recent weeks, I’ve been noticing bargain stores with inexpensive, faux fur, glove puppets of a range of endangered animals, such as a koala, orangutan, polar bear, tiger, panda, elephant, two lions, a Tasmanian devil and a monkey. Each between $4 and $8.

I’m fascinated how the puppets might end up getting used.

Above: Last-minute platypus! He was $16, but so cute I couldn’t resist.

2 thoughts on “Puppets for persuasion?

  1. Great puppets to use as teaching prop because they aren’t too kidsie stylised,can actually identify and label each! Where were they during ‘Book Safari’ year ? So cheap, where from? I used beanie babies animals that year about $15 each, but your puppets many uses.

  2. Hi Dorothy. The puppets came from an IGA supermarket, several Asian bargain shops and several Darling Harbour souvenir shops. A few were a bit strange/inappropriate and got left on the pegs, eg. a bright pink cat, an oversized mouse – and a very cute giraffe with no neck whatsoever.

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