The Travelling Fearless Project

Fearless at the gate

My fifth day each week (timetabled in chunks across the rest of my four TL days) is to work with students on PSP (Priority Schools Program) literacy and numeracy projects. This term, it’s Kindergarten’s turn, and we’ve been part of the “Travelling Fearless Project”, in which Fearless, the misnamed, cowardly, British bulldog puppy from the Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis picture book, is visiting various schools, coordinated by Cath Keane at School Libraries & Information Literacy.

My Kindergarten literacy students (five representatives from three classes, working as a small group, four times per week) brainstormed this slideshow (content, poses for photos and captions) on Fearless’s visit to our school, making good use of our IWB and exploring every nook and cranny of the new library. Photo Peach is so easy, it’s almost foolproof:

View the students’ slideshow HERE! (Update: A sequel is now online HERE!)

I hope to provide annotations, and the results of our pre- and post-tests, on a parallel page to our wiki work soon: Select the third option on the menu. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Travelling Fearless Project

  1. Hello. Mr McLean and the Kindy kids at Penrith! I loved your slideshow. It looks like Fearless had a really great time with you all, and almost totally forgot to be scared of anything! He looks pretty brave wrestling that crocodile, anyway. I hope you liked the book – I’m busy working on the second Fearless book, which will be out next year – it’s called “Fearless in Love”!
    Have a warm and fuzzy Christmas.
    Lots of love from Sarah Davis xxx

  2. Wow! Thanks for the speedy response, Sarah! We were planning to write to you, to invite you to look at the slideshow, but you found it anyway!

    Mr McLean & Kindergarten.

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