Entering the literary garden of delights!

Frog Prince & golden ball
Student comment: “I saw the Frog Prince and his golden ball in a bowl, but I think that is the same bowl Chook used last year when he was being an astronaut!”

Today, the students at my school had their first experiences in our newly built school library. I’ve spent three weeks unpacking the book stock (from long-term storage) and decorating with new and nostalgic elements. The students were full of questions, but I used Circle Time to maximise and equalise all the the talking and listening. It was a great day. The looks on their faces, as they explored (hands free) all the new nooks and crannies made all the planning and hard work worth while.

Archeological dig
Our historic school milk bottles are now enshrined in a shadow box.

The quote from a framing store, to have the bottles placed into a customised shadow box was $200 but I did it for about $40, thanks to parts bought from Spotlight. The inside text reads: Penrith Public School’s library stands on the site of a portable library building, and before that a previous portable building. In 2010, workmen excavating the foundations found these “school milk” bottles buried deep in the rubble. One is embossed “1/3 PINT PASTEURISED MILK”. See the original blog entry of our archeological find HERE.

48 more photos of display elements ready for today’s opening are HERE.

8 thoughts on “Entering the literary garden of delights!

  1. What a terrific space! How lucky your school community is to have such a dedicated and innovative teacher librarian. Good luck in your “new home”!

  2. I love the blue you have used, and the friendly feeling of a (tidy) child’s room. I also love the bits and pieces around the place. I work in a large high school, and sadly the props would all go missing quite quickly if I used your ideas. How lucky your students are to have a TL with an eye for detail.

  3. Hi Ian,
    What a fantastic library. My children attend Primary School in Vic and they have a new library but with no teacher librarian it sadly lacks the inspiration and dedidication shown here. It just goes to show the things that can be done with a trained teacher librarian.

  4. Likewise, the real librarian touch makes all the new BER libraries relevant. They are attractive and inviting, and the librarian in the school gives real weight to all the hype about literacy. Good luck Ian, and all Teacher Librarians, in the coming years.

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