The spirit of Schumann the shoeman?

My bizarre Book Week story:

Shoe mystery

When I spotted these shoes on a recent foggy winter morning, I was originally convinced I was seeing two birds on the rail. Trying to work out why one bird was seemingly hanging upside down, I approached slowly. Was it a bat? As I took out my iPhone to snap a quick shot, I was also bewildered as to why the other bird hadn’t yet flown away.

What remains unexplained is that these beautiful shoes aren’t even a matched pair! If you’ve read and enjoyed the poignant CBCA shortlisted picture book, “Schumann the shoeman” by John & Stella Danalis, you’ll understand why this local example of urban art gave me a few chills.

3 thoughts on “The spirit of Schumann the shoeman?

  1. You sure do have a very vivid imagination. However, having read and enjoyed the book ‘Schumann the shoeman’, I can see why the unexpected shoes would question its coincidence.

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