Time 4 a bargain!

With the concrete slab of the new school library less than a day old, I happened to be at Westfield Parramatta last Sunday, and noticed that a little store called Typo was having a huge sale on 20cm tall, painted, wooden letters for creating wonderful library signage! Seven letters or numerals, either in black or white, for only $20. The regular price per item is usually $4.95 – and to think of all those plain MDF letters I sanded, painted, lacquered and glued/nailed/Velcroed at the end of 2008…

Typo in Westfield Parramatta
You can see the wooden letters on the shelving along the far wall.

As I stood there, stunned by the potential savings, I couldn’t think of what I needed for my future library signage needs. I already have a concept for outside signage. I was also rather taken by the “@“, “#“, “$” and full stops available in the range but, apart from something like “INFO@YOUR LIBRARY“, I really was at a loss as to how to proceed. I wandered away in deep thought, worried I’d let a big opportunity pass me by and the stock would be exhausted when I got back a week later. During the looooong week, I did realise that I’d had to settle for a temporary (laminated) version of the following signage idea, my concept of which was positioned beside the four world clocks:

Time 4 learning & Core values - Shoestring makeover

I hurried back today, arriving at Typo at 10.25am, only to find they were closed. Oh no! Surely they wouldn’t be closed all day? With only seconds to spare before I was due to meet a friend at the cinemas, I was able to collect the black lettering I needed at 11.00am, and I even found a way to utilise an “@”! (Note that, unless they have more lettering out in a back storeroom, I did end up getting the last two examples of “E” and “N“.)

Time 4 learning

That made thirteen pieces, with one more to go to make the $40. I chose a spare “@” in white – I’ll come up with a way to use it eventually:

1 x @

The original “Time 4 Learning” concept, as it appeared in the blog last year, is discussed in detail HERE!

My advice: Hurry to Typo!

7 thoughts on “Time 4 a bargain!

  1. According to the receipt, Typo, Cotton-On Kids, Rubi Shoes, Cotton Body and Cotton-On Megastores are all part of the same company. And yes, the Parramatta store is listed on the Typo web page.

  2. Looks great- I’ll have to find a similar shop on the mid-north coast. Your kids must find the Library a very interesting place! I expect you can’t wait to get started in your new building.I’m about to start reorganising my library, in preparation for installation of the Connected Classroom, exciting times.

  3. Ian I am so impressed with your library renovations. I have reccently become a teacher librarian in a high school library built and decorated in the 70’s. It can be an awefully depressing space to work in with all it’s brown and orange and red decor. I have been doing little things to make it a more pleasant space and thanks to your inspiring ideas I can do a little more. I look forward to seeing what you do to the BER Library.

  4. Just totally reorganised my Library, so now I need to work on some new signs- will use yours for inspiration!
    Have a look at my Library blog, and you will see how much we managed to achieve in a short period of time (although after 2 days of moving furniture and books we are now well and truly ready for the end of term!)

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