Building the Education Revolution (BER)


It’s really happening! Preparations commenced yesterday for the replacement of my school’s old portable library with a permanent brick building. Two decades late, but it’s coming!

Day 1, angle 2

Day 1, angle 3r

One thought on “Building the Education Revolution (BER)

  1. Hi Ian,
    I’m very excited for you! I’ve just finished this process — though our new library was a renovation of a multipurpose space to library – much smaller too, but it has lifted the profile of the library and usage has sky-rocketed! The kids love being in the new space and crowd in at lunch and break. “this is such a cool library!” “I love being in here” etc. is what I hear every day … and they are borrowing, staying and reading, sharing, gossiping about what they’ve read. Even the parents are coming in to have a look and I now have 4 volunteers =) Very satisfying!

    I’ve been capturing the metamorphosis on flickr too:
    Hope to see many more photos of your new library as it takes shape. Best of luck!

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