Going green

peace lily

There’s an annoying drip of condensation that often falls from each air conditioner in the school library, and something important always ends up getting placed right underneath said drips, and being ruined. I’m getting very tired of items becoming water damaged. Thus, this elegant $12 peace lily (Spathiphyllum), in a $13 square pot, now graces one of the drip sites. Problem solved?

I’m reliably informed – via both a teaching colleague and an Internet search – that “growing a peace lily beside a computer or TV will help absorb some of the radiation”.

Ladder and vine

Again, helping to disguise yet another drip site, and some very ugly conduit, here’s a $29 bamboo ladder, decorated with a $10 artificial vine, and a vase of $5 worth of purple tortured willow. A small amount of dried greenery is yet to be added.