A little beige with the burgundy

reno photo wall

After lots of mulling, I decided that “light beige” was the only colour that would work well between the two high, burgundy panels already done during the early days of my library reno. It took four coats of Derivan Matisse background paint, because the varnished wood panelling, so typical of portable teaching spaces, threatened to show through.

The frames were $6 each from a “two dollar” shop, and were quickly given two coats of burgundy and one of polymer matt varnish, to match the lettering on the charge desk. The frames house photos and autographs of recent literary “celebs”. (A set of library rules now fills the empty frame, since this photo was taken.)

I realised too late that I’d omitted to take a clear before” shot of the original, unpainted area. How important have these “before” and “after” images been, and how quickly forget what existed until each part of the renovation!

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