To Twitter or not to Twitter

As yet I’m not convinced about Twitter – although I’m also assuming the NSW DET firewall would block it as another form of social networking?

At home I often have MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger on, and dash off messages to friends when I notice them come online but, from samples I’ve seen of Twitter – short snappy mini blog post-like entries – it doesn’t seem all that different. I fear the temptation for me to keep Twittering every few minutes would mean I’d never get any other work done. I procrastinate enough as it is. Would I just be a Twit? 😉

I’m sure if I had time to “play” on Twitter, some educational purposes would begin to be suggested by the tech. Judy O’Connell had mentioned at the recent ASLA NSW conference about “no live blogging of the workshops”. Personally, I think we are all waiting for etiquette to catch up with the (revised rules?) of Netiquette – in that Twittering means doing more than two things at once but still pretending to give full attention to the speaker. 😉 I, for one, had made a point of turning off my mobile phone at the start of each talk at the conference, lest I be distracted or curious (as usual) about any incoming messages. And yet there Judy was asking the audience why no one was mobile blogging!

I could have been there with my (borrowed) laptop or my mobile phone and live blogging, but I made do with nightly summaries to my blog – which meant that I was able to have at least some synthesis in my posts. Raw Twittered reactions to speakers during the speech might not be as useful. Depends on what you think people might want out of a blogged conference update, I guess.

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